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no. it was the worthy thing to do. that's what i was supposed to do and i think that's what anybody in the world would do. >> you are right about it being right. and you are wrong about everyone having done it and that's why you are a hero, lonnie. thank you for representing the best of us. you are the good stuff. and a good weekend to all of you. a lot of news to hear about. let's take you to the "newsroom" and miss carol costello, you're a hero, i don't want to hear anything about it. >> okay, i'll accept that. >> there it is. >> have a great weekend. thanks so much. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," your job, your money. a major new report just out. on just how healthy our economy really is. i did not kill my friend. >> amanda knox in a cnn exclusive. >> i did not wield a knife. >> new revelations and new
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details. >> this judge believes that this fight was about money and that you stole money from your roommate and that that is what started this violent night. is there truth to that? the clippers take the court. as reports this morning team owner donald sterling has prostate cancer. this is the closest thing to a smoking gun that i've seen. >> benghazi and a white house on defense. >> that e-mail was not provided. >> are you read the e-mail, jim? >> i have it right in front of me. amazing new video of the baltimore landslide as it happens. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin with stunning news on the health of our economy. a new report from the government
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shows unemployment hit its lowest levels in 5 1/2 years. and hiring is at its highest level since 2012. 288,000 jobs were added in april which drops the unemployment rate by four notches to 6.3%. so, let's talk about this. our chief business correspondent christine romans is here. also with us chief economist at the heritage foundation stephen moore. welcome to both of you. >> hi, carol. >> glad you're here. christine, i want to start with you. so, tell us the good news. >> well, the good news 288,000 jobs is an improvement and you saw revisions in the prior two months so that that freeze in the winter is thawing and for a broad-based group of industries here you saw gains. i mean, professional and business services, those are accounta accountants, those are lawyers, i.t. professionals, job gains. construction workers, again, job gains. retail and hospitality, job gains there. those tend to be lower paid jobs. you want to see these numbers
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above consistently. you want to see us returning to the stronger job growth that we'd been starting to report last fall and that's where we are here. the 5 1/2-year low on the unemployment rate is significant for a couple of reasons. you also see the unemployment rate for black men falling. that's something that has been stubbornly high. it's been twice the rate of the general population when you're seeing all these subgroups starting to move at the same time it's something you want to see consistently. we've a lot of work to do, carol. no question. there will be people right away who will be putting all the asterisks on these numbers but it is showing us that there is movement in the economy for some people. the job market has turned. the long-term unemployed it has not, no question, but for some people the job market has turned. we want to see more months like this, carol. >> okay, let's talk about thes a terrifics right now, because, this number is much stronger than expected but it's not a terrible gdp report the worst in two years, so there seems to be some sort of disconnect here. >> well, there does. and, you know, i'm greatly
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relieved by this report. i think christine really nailed it in terms of the good news in this report. and this is a strong report as christine said. it's the strongest job numbers we've had in something like a year and a half or two years. so, everything that christine said is correct. actually we did see a nice reduction in number of long-term unemployed people, people who have been unemployed for more than six months. that number fell as well. but, carol, there's one kind of bleak part of this report and i'm not trying to, you know, spoil a good report. but, you know, it's interesting, christine, i don't know if you saw this number, a million people dropped out of the labor force in april. this is -- this is a strange thing because it's true that employment is picking up in april and that employers hired more workers. but at the same time we saw, you know, another million people drop out of the workforce. and i find that to be stunning. >> well, the other thing, christine, when you take a look at the number of hours people
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are working and how much they're getting paid for that work there's very little growth there, too. >> we want to see that grow and i really want to see the hours worked grow. >> right. >> because a lot of times what companies do before they hire a new worker they start putting more hours on everybody else, so that's one of the canaries in a coal mine in a good way for the jobs market. so, there are theses thi little things we watch all the time. i don't want to take too much away from the headline here. because we've been looking for broad-based growth to be sustained for a very long time. when you talk to businesses and i know stephen does, too, you hear them say i'm not very confident about hiring, but things are getting better for me. things are getting better for me. when you talk to, you know, headhunters, they say there are talent wars in engineering -- >> right. >> -- and just about everything s.t.e.m., anything that has to do with silicon valley or real estate in silicon valley. there are parts of the economy really moving. there are people who are saying they felt this turn. and i'm really glad about long-term unemployed number, no
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well, stephen, that number's still too high. the long-term unemployed and the underemployment rate, still too many people sidelined by the recovery. uf hope it will encompass more people eventually. >> let me ask you this, stephen, one of the problems is banks are reluctant to loan money and it's slowing small businesses down. the overall numbers because it's not just this month's jobs report, it's, you know, the conglomerate -- the putting together of all these jobs reports over the course of the year that does it for bankers. well, they feel that, i don't know, will they have enough faith that the economy is truly recovering to part with their money? >> i hope so. actual hill, carol, baly carol,s been up and that's a forward-looking sign of strength. i think, christine, as i look at this report, you're right, i talk to a lot of businessmen, men and women, who hire people, as you do, what they're saying if you got skills, you know, if you've got those skills that people are looking for, there's
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a job out there. the problem, carol, i think we have a skills deficit in this country and a lot of the people that can't find jobs are people that just don't have the education levels and the skills to match the jobs that are needed. but, again, christine, you got to explain to me, why we saw again with -- at the same time that employers are still seeing this very disturbing trend in number of people in the labor force. in the labor force. >> how much of that are people who are baby boomers who are in the labor force? >> some of it. some of it. >> but are dropping out. how many we don't know are people who were on long-term unemployment benefits and those expired and maybe some of them didn't ever have an intention to go back into the labor force that corresponded to the end of their working life. i don't know the answer to that question but something we'll ask labor department economists. >> the discussion will go on through the day on cnn. >> finally a little bit of good news, huh? >> i just want to focus on the positive for once. stephen moore and christine
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romans, thank you. malaysian officials are pushing back on critics who say the initial report on the disappearance of flight 370 didn't go far enough. >> it must be stressed that the report made public yesterday is a preliminary report. nevertheless, as i repeatedly stressed since the beginning, we really have nothing to hide. >> in the meantime, a search for possible wreckage in the bay of bengal has turned up absolutely nothing. officials say it is highly unlikely the boeing 777 went down in this area. still, they're sending more resources to the region but they say that could distract from the search. so, let's bring in cnn's will ripley who is in kuala lumpur, will, first to you. how serious are malaysian officials taking this notion that the plane went down in the bay of bengal? >> reporter: it seems like after what we heard from them a few hours ago here in call kuala lu
6:09 am
they are not taking it seriously at all. they agree that all of the data indicates that ma-370 is in this area in the southern indian ocean and not in the bay of bengal. they say there are three ships searching the area. as you said, haven't turned up anything. but what we haven't gotten an answer about yet, carol is why are they so convinced, what is it is about the data, the satellite data the calculations done by the team of experts done here in malaysia has led them to the plane that absolutely at least or as far as their best educated guess is in the southern indian ocean when weeks in we still don't have a single piece of debris. >> let's ask peter about it. why are malaysian officials so sure? >> well, i think everything that they have, and granted, it's not a great deal, i mean, they've got the handshakes and the radar that shows the plane starting to head in that direction.
6:10 am
and that's what they've got. and their best guess, their best estimates, are it's off of perth. now, they are going to bring in a new group and look at this data and see if they come up with the same solution. in terms of the bay of bengal, i mean, when i helped investigate twa flight 800, we had numerous claims that it was, you know, electromagnetic, that it was space junk, that it was a missile. we investigated all of them. and at this point unfortunately we're obligated to do that on malaysian flight 370. >> back to will for just a second and i want to focus a little bit more on this preliminary report that was released yesterday because the families of flight 370 were frustrated by that report. there was no information about the plane's maintenance history, engine performance data or any information on air traffic control staffing, so did the malaysian authorities say anything today that they were maybe going to release some data
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about those things? >> yeah. well, you heard the acting transport minister say it was a preliminary report and so only five pages plus some supplemental documents was released. one thing they did expand on when they were asked about it, carol, why on earth did malaysian airlines think that flight 370 was in cambodian airspace. what could have possibly led them to believe that when all of the other data shows the plane was very far from that. and they made an interesting revelation. they said that essentially the technology they were using to estimate the plane's flight path is similar to a flight tracker that you or i would have on our cell phone or ipad. that's apparently how they were estimating where flight 370 was located in those initial hours after it disappeared. certainly something they're going to be taking a look at now to see what technology they're using and how they can improve upon it. >> i want to bring in cnn safety analyst and author of "why planes crash." david, you read the preliminary
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report. it's unclear to me how many pounds of lithium batteries were on that plane. have you been able to determine that? >> the flight manifest was released and there was some confusion because it was broken into two different categories. there are 5,400 pounds on that manifest of lithium batteries so that's what was on board that aircraft. that's more than the weight of two vehicles, two cars, in that aircraft of lithium batteries. >> wow. so, peter, you're formerly with the ntsb, would that raise a red flag to you? >> well, as david has pointed out lithium batteries are prohibited from flying on flights with passengers in the united states. but the -- you know, the drawback on the lithium battery, you know, as a suspect is that there's not a scenario in which the pilots would not have been able to call an emergency, would have been able to indicate to the flight controllers that something was going on. so, you know, it's an interesting point.
6:13 am
it's something that, you know, probably worldwide air carriers ought to revisit but there's no evidence that it's got anything to do with the disappearance of flight 370. >> david, do you disagree? >> i'm sorry, peter, i do a little bit. in that they are claiming that they did put those lithium batteries in the back cargo area. but the fact that they originally said there was 400 pounds and later said theres were 5,400 pounds leads me to doubt that they actually put them in the rear compartment. if they were in the front compartment it's a mere two or three feet between the front cargo compartment through a thin aluminum door to the avionics rack where the transponder is located. the acars and the uhf and vhf radios are co--located on the rack ahead of the door. i'm not saying that's the case or what caused it because there's subsequent things that would counteract that that happened in the aircraft. what i'm saying if the aircraft
6:14 am
was loaded improperly which at this point why would it not be, but it would have been right near where those radio racks are. so, that's the only connection i could make there. >> will, on another matter. on monday malaysia, australia and china will hold a trilateral meeting. what can we expect from that? >> we can expect those three countries to get together and bring in some of the best experts to talk about where the search is going to go from here. they said today it could take up to 12 months, a full year, and cost $60 million. but how's that money going to be spent? what technology is going to be used? we know the blue fin 21 has been searching, it hasn't had any success in finding anything with its underwater scans, so they are bringing in other types of equipment. they talked about, you know, the autonomous underwater vehicles, vehicles with side scan sonar that can perhaps be towed from a ship and go a bit deeper and do a wider scan. and they're going to be hiring private contractors to come in
6:15 am
and search this really large area of the southern indian ocean where they think the plane might be. >> thanks as always, gentlemen, we appreciate your insight. >> my pleasure. will donald sterling fight to keep the clippers? one attorney says, oh, get ready for a big battle. ted rollins talked to him. hi, ted. >> hi, carol. it doesn't look like there's much of a chance that sterling will be able to keep his team but wait until you hear from this guy who has gone head to head with sterling in a legal battle. he has a different view. stay with us. [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good. [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq. that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. ♪ ♪
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the l.a. clippers owner has cancer. cnn has not been able to independently confirm this story. it was first confirmed by "the new york post" and espn. there is collateral damage linked to the sterling scandal this morning, though. the head of the naacp, los angeles chapter, has now resigned. the group came under fire for plans to present sterling with a lifetime achievement award and not acting quickly enough to cut ties after the racist audiotapes surfaced. the nba's push to force sterling to sell the clippers took another turn yesterday when the voters voted unanimously to move ahead. we're learning more about donald sterling's past and it ain't pretty. cnn's ted rowlands is here with more. >> it doesn't appear that donald sterling has much of a chance to keep the clippers. the constitution for the nba for the owners is pretty clear. if the other owners want you out, you'll pretty much lose your team. but one guy who has done battle with sterling in a legal case
6:20 am
before says not so fast. this guy is a fighter. >> we've got game seven coming up in los angeles on saturday! >> reporter: battling the buzzer, the los angeles clippers still one game shy of advancing in the play-offs after losing a heart-pounding game six to the golden state warriors last night by just one point. >> the warriors stay alive. >> reporter: meanwhile, as the nba tries to force the sale of the team, some words of caution from an attorney who knows all too well that donald sterling enjoys a fight. >> i'd be very surprised if he doesn't make a big battle out of it. >> reporter: in 2002 douglas bagby successfully defended alexander castro against the sterlings thanks in part to this photo of donald sterling in his underwear. at issue, this house in beverly hills that castro said donald bought for her and her mother while they were lovers. according to bagby sterling claimed under oath that he was
6:21 am
never romantically involved with castro and that she and her mother had somehow swindled the house by forging documents. but then he saw the underwear photo. and others. and canceled checks and gift receipts from places like gucci, barney's and tiffany's all kept by alexandra castro forcing sterling to change his story. >> he, then, decided, well, then, i'll just make them out to be such horrible people. >> reporter: sterling's new story according to bagby, he gave her the house and the gifts for sex. but castro saved love letters and cards allegedly from sterling including this one she says he gave her after buying her the house. it had a handwritten message and was signed "love forever." while the lawsuit against castro was dropped, sterling's inconsistencies surfaced during a deposition in a sexual harassment suit filed a few years later. sterling won that case but watch how he handles questions about paying alexandra castro for sex.
6:22 am
>> i was under the impression and i believed that some of the money that she had asked for was for sexual favors that she had performed. >> but it's not true, she didn't want to. she didn't do it and my impression was wrong. and i did not pay her for sex. >> reporter: at this point it's unclear whether sterling willingly sell the los angeles clippers but many think the nba should get ready for a fight. >> hard for me to see him just going gently into the night. >> and, carol, we should note that we reached out to the sterling camp and got no response. carol? >> i don't know -- i'm just sitting here wondering why sterling's wife is still with him. she's standing up for him. she's appeared by his side. it's just very difficult to wrap your mind around, ted. >> yeah. you know, we should point out
6:23 am
that this lawsuit against alexandra castro that we just talked about was actually filed by his wife. the same scenario that we've seen with his latest, quote, unquote, mistress, so some are speculating that she may have involved in these decisions to file lawsuits against -- >> oh, come on, ted. v. viviano was an archivist. >> that's true, that's true, yes. with the visor. yeah. who knows. who knows what's going on in this. >> i don't know. it's very confusing. ted rowlands, many thanks to you. no sports team has gone through a week like the los angeles clippers have. and it's not over yet. andy shultz joins me now. lost by one point! >> what an emotional roller coaster the whole week has been. it seems it's gone by so fast. it was just saturday that we heard the racial audiotapes from owner donald sterling. sunday the team had to play game four against the warriors. very emotional game, ended up losing that one. and then, of course, on tuesday adam silver dropped the hammer
6:24 am
on sterling. the players had smiles back on their faces, a hop in their step. got the big win at the staples center to take the lead in the series but last night, carol, one-point loss. just a crushing defeat. and then after the game having to answer more questions about donald sterling. this time about the story that he reportedly has cancer. this is what some of the players had to say after the game -- >> if that is true, you know, you know, my thoughts and prayers are with him. i mean, nobody -- nobody deserves to go through something like that. >> yeah, that's the first time i ever heard of that. and that's truly unfortunate. >> didn't know it until just now. you know, i don't have a reaction to that, you know, i hope it's not true. >> good nups fews is they are g back home and game seven is at the staples center and nba teams in game sevens usually win 80% of the time. >> i have to ask you about magic johnson because my dream is that
6:25 am
magic johnson buys the clippers because it's a picture of magic johnson and v. stiffiano that reportedly enraged mr. sterling. first magic johnson said, oh, not interested and something's changed? >> he was at a conference just on wednesday in front of a panel and asked about this again and he kind of backpedaled off that. he's not saying no, now it's more about a maybe. here's what he had to say -- >> i've been saying no all the time. i think that we'll see what happens. >> keep talking. we went from no to we'll see. keep going. >> i will be owning an nba team sometime. it has to be the right situation. if the clippers is the right situation, of course, it's one of the premier franchises. >> uh-huh. >> so, he goes from no to we'll see to, of course, the clippers are a great situation. one of the best franchises and he already owns the dodgers so
6:26 am
this would be the perfect situation. he's mr. l.a. >> keeps laughing at everything, i don't know. >> i bet wheels are in motion. >> i bet they are. still to come in the "newsroom," amanda knox in her own words for the first time since an italian appeals court released an explanation for her murder conviction. >> it's only speculation that convicts us. it's evidence that acquits us. and i'm holding -- i'm holding firm to that. >> hear more from her exclusive interview with cnn's chris cuomo after a break. i saw this red, blistery, rash and i felt this horrible pain on one side of my back. i had 16 magic shows to do. i didn't know how i was going to be able to do these shows with this kind of pain that i was in. i told my wife what i had. she went on the internet and said "i think you have shingles." i could feel the shock in my back and it was like
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amanda knox simply says i did not kill my friend. the convicted murderer spoke to cnn's chris cuomo for the first time since an italian court released the explanation of her conviction in the death of her roommate back in 2007. the italian court says it believes meredith kircher was killed by multiple attackers including knox's boyfriend. he's the man in the middle. and another man rudy goday but the report says it was knox herself that delevrd the fatal stab wound over an argument over money. in this exclusive interview with cnn knox session the evidence against her just cannot be proved. >> why do you think that this judge goes further than any other, that not only does he say this is the knife, not only does he say that you had it because of dna around the bottom of the hilt but that he believes you are the one that actually killed
6:31 am
meredith kircher? >> i believe -- i mean, i can't speculate what this judge's motivations are, personal motivations, or otherwise. what i can say that as this case has progressed, the evidence that the prosecution says it has against me has proven less and less and less, and all that has happened is that they filled these holes with speculation. my dna, any trace of me is not there. when you're talking about traces of me that they attribute to the kr crime scene they are talking about my dna in my own bathroom or my footsteps that tested negative for blood that had my dna and meredith's dna on the floor between our bedrooms and the bathroom. well, of course, our dn was there. we lived there for a month.
6:32 am
it was there. it tested negative for blood, so it wasn't blood. and so it's irrelevant to the crime. but we're talking about the crime that happened in meredith's bedroom. and there is no trace of us. if rudy guede committed this crime which he did, we know that because his dna is there on the -- on meredith's body, around meredith's body. his handprints and footprints in her blood. none of that exists for me, and if i were there i would have had traces of meredith's broken body on me and i would have left traces of myself around -- around meredith's corpse. and i -- i am not there. and that proves my innocence. i did not kill my friend. i did not wield a knife. i had no reason to. i was in the month that we were
6:33 am
living together we were becoming friends. a week before the murder occurred we went out to a classical music concert together, like, we had never fought. and the idea, i mean, he's brought up lots of things. crazy motives. >> with me now chris cuomo and wendy walsh a psychologist and author. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> chris, knox seemed passionate and angry. is she different from the last time you interviewed her? >> she's a year older. i think that she is laboring under the anxiety of what happens in this. and, of course, she's fighting two battles or at least, you know, one battle on two fronts which is what happens in the courtroom and in the court of public opinion. the strength of the case is always being measured against the strength of what people think about her. and i'm sure, carol, you know, when you sit there and you watch
6:34 am
her, you know, the question becomes not what do you know about the forensics, what do you know about the testimony, but do you believe what she's saying. and then it's for you to take away. >> it is easy to understand her anger, though, the italian courts have now held, what, three trials, there have been six presiding judges, two hearings before the italian high court and a third on the way. they are trying really hard in italy to prove knox guilty. here's her take -- >> i think what most surprised me is how this court has attempted to account for exonerating evidence. that is really surprising to me. it's not surprising to me that they've put so much emphasis on circumstantial evidence as opposed to forensic, objective, proven evidence. and i'm really dispointed about that because the circumstantial clues of this case have all been
6:35 am
equivocal. have been unreliable. whereas forensic evidence that proves what happened in that room that night is there. is available for -- to be understood. has not been taken into consideration. and that continues to be an incredibly difficult obstacle that i'm having to confront and in proving my innocence. >> wendy, knox says she's innocent but her behavior through all of this has been all over the map. she's been silly. she's been serious. she's been angry. she's been defensive. which is the real amanda knox do you think? >> she's been a young woman in trauma, actually. you know, the stories that she changed her story after the murder, i want people to understand what happens with a human brain and how we record memories. it's not like a tape recorder that you play it back the way it was recorded. we form kind of packets of information and attach it to other memories we may have to create scenes. here's a girl that doesn't think she's a suspect being kept
6:36 am
without family far away from anybody else, with no lawyer in a room until 4:00 a.m. and police are telling her things that they are pretending is the absolute truth, so her brain is trying to make sense of what she's being told and what she actually saw and that's how her story could have changed. the other thing i have to add is, you know, the italians, and i've lived in italy, they have such a cultural whore madonna syndrome and they have the belief system that the young american girls are all whores and the idea that they could hold this one up as an awful devil of a woman, the media would have gone crazy for. they love the scandals, it feeds it. >> it denyies credulity that thy found the other knife or they think a knife was used and she plunged it into her roommate leaving no evidence behind.
6:37 am
>> there's a lot of evidence. it's not a purely circumstantial case. you have to be very slow to blame this process on a cultural stereotype. this isn't how italians feel about amanda knox. this is about going through a process. the investigation perfect? no. is amanda knox's story about what happened that night perfect? no. that's a problem, too, on top of everything that you pointed out, carol, how she behaved at the time, what is normal for her versus what would be normal for you, there are problems with the story that they told. here's where people get lost. it really doesn't matter if there are holes in amanda knox's story, the prosecution has to have a better story. in fact, their story has to be so good that it has to be beyond a reasonable doubt in italy just as in the u.s., that it is true beyond anything else that you could think of. there's nothing conceivable. this judge says what i've come up with is the only conceivable outcome of the evidence. and what's interesting is he does not have new evidence. you do not have great forensics tieing amanda knox to this.
6:38 am
many legal experts in the u.s. believe she would not have been brought to trial let alone convicted if in the united states. but as we're hearing from walsh, you know, the idea of who she is as a person has become dominant in the coverage of this. you would hope not the same is true at court. however, when you read the rulings here, to be clear, this judge does take everything to her disadvantage. he believes the convicted killer rudy guede much more than he believes her. >> i guess the end result and, wendy, i'll ask you this question, the victim's fam, the kircher family, will also doubt her innocence. knox has to live with that. what is that like for her? >> she says -- >> at the end of the day -- >> no, please. i want to hear your take. >> at the end of the day she does have to -- or she feels she has to win in the court of public opinion and certainly for this grieving family. now, this grieving family is as much caught up in this horrific story i believe as many other people who are reading the media
6:39 am
accounts. but here is a man in jail, rudy guede who is convicted of doing this crime and his crazy testimony is what the media is believing and the court is believing and i just want to say one thing, chris, the evidence that you're talking about that does exist, physical evidence, really makes sense with somebody who is a roommate living in the premises. the one bra clasp that was found in another room with a bit of her dna on it had no blood and the collection of it was not necessarily clean, it was transferred around a lot. so, there's a lot of debate even about the physical evidence out there. >> chris, you were going to say about amanda knox living with the information that the kircher family would always find her guilty. >> here are things that people should put into the calculus about how they feel about it and we are doing the special here tonight and we did an interview with her a year ago where i severely tested her story, this is a different context and a different point of time in the case now and you can go online. she was dealing with this during
6:40 am
her 20s. the entire 20s has been the anxiety of dealing with the perception of her if not the reality of her being a murderer and the specter of having to deal with being blamed for taking the life of someone who she says she liked and cared about. that has to be hard. she has to be stunted in a way. her life is always incomplete because she has no sense of permanence. and no sense as she's developing as a person of what to trust. i believe all of that to be true. i believe a personal toll is true. whether she deserves to be experiencing that is an open question that we would hope would be given some resolution in the courts. i don't have great confidence in that. >> all right, your special airs later tonight, chris, right? >> yes, ma'am. >> okay. chris cuomo, wendy walsh, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom," a key ally sits down with the president and we'll
6:41 am
talk about whether benghazi will be front and center. be a sound sleeper, or...l you a mouth breather? well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right.
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6:44 am
happening right now at the white house, in fact, the motorcade has just arrived. that's the arrival of the german chancellor angela merkel, she'll meet with president obama just minutes from now and the focus will be on the crisis in ukraine specifically the need for allies to remain united against russia's defiance of the west. but when the two leaders hold a news conference in two hours we're told the very first question will shift the
6:45 am
spotlight to benghazi. and the deadly terror attack on the u.s. consulate there 19 months ago. it's firing up republicans once again who are outraged by a newly surfaced e-mail from the state department just two months before the presidential election those e-mails suggest that the violence be portrayed as spontaneous and not terrorism that could be blamed on failed policies. cnn's jim acosta has more for you. >> reporter: new e-mails revealed this week by the conservative work judicial watch have sparked republican charges once again of a white house cover-up for what happened at the deadly attack on the u.s u.n benghazi in 2012. >> it's disturbing that documents like these were hidden by the obama administration from congress and the public alike. >> reporter: republicans point to this e-mail used to prep then u.n. ambassador susan rice. >> the best information that we have -- >> reporter: who said in a round
6:46 am
of sunday talk show interviews that the killings stepped from protests touched off by an anti-islamic video the e-mail from ben rhodes urges rice to underscore that the protests are rooted in an internet video and not a broader failure of policy. the white house says that rhodes' e-mail was about the demonstrations and not benghazi, that's critical because the white house had said it was the intelligence community that prepped rice on benghazi not political advisers. >> that e-mail was not provided. >> have you read the e-mail? >> i have it right here. >> the talking points that ambassador rice used, again, produced by the intelligence community for members of congress and in the interests of having everybody use the same information, used by the administration and ambassador rice on those sunday shows were divulged. >> reporter: noting the president's own promise of full disclosure -- >> we have provided every bit of information that we have and we will continue to provide information.
6:47 am
>> reporter: republicans say the white house just didn't want to admit benghazi was the result of terrorism. >> al qaeda's on the run, gm's alive, osama bin laden's dead, al qaeda's on the run. >> what hasn't changed has been the effort by republicans to, you know, to claim a conspiracy when they haven't been able to find one. >> reporter: the white house says the full picture of what happened at benghazi is still emerging. >> there were caveating all the time about the fact that more information might become available. >> reporter: but those responses aren't enough for republicans. senator john mccain wants a new special bipartisan investigation into these e-mails and house speaker john boehner has called on secretary of state john kerry to testify at a hearing on what he knows. jim acosta, cnn, the white house. >> all right, well, let's talk about that and the meeting soon to take place. cnn joe johns live at the white
6:48 am
house. the first question will be about benghazi? >> reporter: well, i don't know that for sure but you can certainly imagine that people are very interested in asking that question of the president of the united states. but the focus i think is on angela merkel expected to have several hours here at the white house, including lunch and a news conference with the president and they certainly do have a lot to talk about, carol. this meeting comes at a critical time when both countries are trying to put pressure on russian president vladimir putin and on this issue, of course, of ukraine. it is also important to note that germany has a lot of economic ties with russia, and the question is whether you put more economic pressure on that country and actually affect the economic relations between germany and russia. so, a lot to think about here especially since big german companies, volkswagen to name one, have a huge stake in
6:49 am
russia. and the more pressure you put on, the harder it is for those companies to continue to do business very well and thrive, carol. >> joe johns reporting live from the white house this morning. thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," tensions flare and ukraine's military mobilizes. we'll look at a new offensive that could push the country closer to widespread fighting. [announcer] play close-good and close. help keep teeth clean and breath fresh
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this morning, the world is keeping a close eye on ukraine as the violence escalates there and fragile and uneasy peace appears to crumble. ukraine's military has launched their biggest counteroffensive yet. they have now seized control of government buildings in nine eastern towns and cities and you krien officials say they are powerless to stop those advances. tensions really boiled over yesterday at pro russian activists attacked police. also new this morning, an american news crew was detained and blindfolded by pro russian forces just after being freed, we heard from kai list ta ward of cbs. >> we are stopped at a check point just outside of the city.
6:54 am
we are trying to go because the ukrainian military had allegedly started on operation to dismantle some of the pro russian s epa rtists. they asked whether we should be let go or taken prisoner. from there, we are taken and blindfo blindfolded, cloth and masking tape around our heads, so we couldn't see at all. they appeared to have a video camera and were asking you know, do you have family and why are you here and where are you from. of course, when you are asked in that situation whether you have family and they were like, do you have children and who is your family, you start to feel a pit in your stomach because it's not clear which direction things are going in. >> all right, she went on to say one member of her crew was beaten by those who kidnapped them, then suddenly, they let
6:55 am
them go. but she understands a little bit of russia and she was getting the sense she was getting a lot of anti-american sentiment from her kidnappers, which is a big concern. and as i told you, president obama and the german chancellor angela merkel are going to talk about ukraine, and then have a live news conference at the white house. that will take place at 11:40 eastern time and cnn will carry their remarks live. i want to get more now on ukraine's new offensive against those militants. nick peyton walsh is outside one city where tensions are rapidly building. >> reporter: here, just on the edge, we see ukrainian soldiers with armor in one of the largest numbers we've seen really. attempting to move into the center of the town. they've occupied this bridge behind me here. there are about 10 to 15 personnel, i'd say 50 or so, soldiers, professional, well equipped, not messing around here at all. they are facing the biggest
6:56 am
challenge they're going to face here. angry local residents. they seem to have blocked both sides of the bridge. anger focused on their presence here, injuries to an old man who aaren'tly tried to get in the way, then had his legs injured. we saw an ambulance take someone away from here. we saw one of the soldiers say, why did he get in our way? a tension situation here. hearing various rumblings, potential instances happening elsewhere in the town. just a few moments ago, a helicopter landed and dropped off ten to 15 reenforcements for these soldiers here now, but according to the interior minister, such events are happening all the way around. we're hearing multiple reports of them attempting to seal off the city, but the greatest challenge these soldiers are going to face is the fact that local residents here are -- they're furious and that is going to limit what ukrainian
6:57 am
forces can do here without causing casualties. >> the next hour, cnn news room after break. woman: this is not exactly what i expected. man: definitely more murdery than the reviews said. captain obvious: this is a creepy room. man: oh hey, captain obvious. captain obvious: you should have used their genuine guest reviews are written by guests who have genuinely stayed there. instead of people who lie on the internet. son: look, a finger. captain: that's unsettling. man: you think? captain: all the time. except when i sleep. which i would not do here. would have mentioned the finger. thoughtful combinations, artfully prepared. fancy feast elegant medleys. inspired dishes like primavera, florentine and tuscany. fancy feast. a medley of love, served daily. i've quit for 75 days. 15 days, but not in a row.
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7:00 am
-- captions by vitac -- happening now, your job, your money. a major new report just out on just how healthy our economy really is. >> i did not kill my friend. >> amanda knox in a cnn exclusive. >> i did not wield a knife. >> new revelations and new details. >> this judge believes that this fight is about money and that you stole money from your roommate and that that is what started this violent night. is there truth to that? >> the clippers take the court.
7:01 am
as reports this morning team owner donald sterling has prostate cancer. >> this is the closest thing to a smoking gun i've seen. >> benghazi and a white house on defense. >> that e-mail was not provided. >> have you read the e-mail, jim? >> i have it right in front of me. >> amazing new video of the baltimore landslide as it happens. you're live in the cnn news room. good morning. we start this hour with breaking news on the health of our economy. the monthly jobs report shows a stunning gain in the number of jobs added to payrolls last month and the unemployment rate at its lowest level in five and a half years. 288,000 jobs were added in
7:02 am
april, which drops the unemployment rate by four notches to 6.3%. so, let's talk about that with christine romans and chief economist at the heritage foundation, stephen moore. let's start with the positive. tell us about this report. >> i think we're both relieved that you got a 288,000 net new jobs and not something more benign than that. it was a cold winter and we were worried the labor market was frozen, so let it go, to quote the movie. it looks as though the thaw has happened here. that 288,000 jobs created and in february and march, you saw jobs pick up as well. what i liked about this number, broad-based jobs creation. there's been a low wage explosion, but i saw it in some other jobs as well. accountants and business professionals and i.t. professionals, miners and construction workers, retail, warehousing and transportation,
7:03 am
retail, in a lot of different things, so that's different. >> i think we should add a bit of caution because it's not like the economy is roaring back to life because that's certainly not true. >> well, you know, i'm breathing a big sigh of le reef today. i think everybody at wall street and main street is because we were very nervous when we got the gdp report a few days ago, that showed almost no growth in the economy in the first quarter and then the fed said we think actually there are some signs of life in the economy in this quarter and we saw it today. we really did and christine, you're right about 288,000 and if you the revisions upward for previous months, we were up, so that's a really good number. the only thing i would caution about that is unexplainable in this report is you know, a big drop off in the number of people in the labor force. the kind of people who are looking for jobs. that's strange because as employers are looking for work,
7:04 am
we think we'd have more. >> can you explain that? zwl there's a couple of things happening there. fewer people entering the worse force, so for some reason, there were fewer people entering the workforce, either because they got out of college at the end of the year or were unemployed and moving back in. also, you've got these baby boomers. we have kind of an historic moment where we have more people retiring or hitting retirement age every day than any time in history. those people are making big choices now, about leaving the labor force, whether they want to or not and you have to look at the number of hours people are working and how much they're getting paid. tha a problem there. >> we've seen the workweek kind of shrinking. last month, it was stable, but t been falling a little, which means people are having a harder time finding a full time job. a lot of this is perplexing. we don't know just in the couple of hours we've been looking at the report what's going on here, but i have a, my son is
7:05 am
graduating from college in june and he's going to be looking for a job, so i'm so pleased maybe employers are hiring people again. >> i hope so. thanks so much. >> it's getting better, stephen. >> i don't want him coming home, that's for sure. >> living in the basement, no. >> see you soon. in other news, there's a startling development surrounding embattled clippers owner, donald sterling. they are reporting sterling is fighting prostate cancer. the clippers were told about the cancer last night. and of course forces into deciding game seven tomorrow night in los angeles. also, the nba's taken another step to force sterling to sell the team. the ten owners met by conference call and voted to move the process forward. the affair is also costing the naacp in reputation.
7:06 am
the l.a. chapter's president is resigning as you well know, the l.a. chapter was about to award sterling a second lifetime achievement award even though it knew sterling did not exactly have a sterling reputation when it came to minorities. but it turns out, jenkins doesn't have a sterling reputation himself. according to the "new york times," jenkins was once a judge in detroit. he was removed and disbarred in michigan for accepting bribes. he asked the bar association to reinstate him, but he failed to disclose a $600,000 debt. in fairness, the bar association did praise jenkins for his community service. with me now, cnn contributor and senior writer for espn and mark lamont hill. welcome. >> good to see you. >> morning, carol. >> you called for jenkins to be fired a couple of days ago. he stepped down for the good of the organization. is that good enough for you?
7:07 am
>> well, it depends. i wrote a column i think the next day because the naacp really shocked me. the national organization shocked me because they found themselves getting involved trying to pressure commissioner silver into demanding some sort of sit-down with sterling. i was like, look, as an organization, you need to worry about your own house first because you need to find out how many more jenkins you have in your body. why do i say this? because they've had allegations of corruptions in georgia. in houston. in the state of new york. this is not the first time the naacp has had individuals at local chapters deal with corruption, so they need to worry about their own house first. >> the naacp, not talking today about jenkins that's for sure, but should jenkins have been president of the l.a. chapt ner the first place? >> well, it sounds like no. if you have a history of corruption, putting you in charge of an organization just
7:08 am
seems unwise. but i think part of this comes down to doing due diligence. it's possible people didn't know his history in detroit. not to say it's acceptable, but it speaks to a broader problem. >> oh, come on, mark. >> black people have google. they could have looked this up. i'm just saying that a lot of times, these small organizations, there's a few meem who show up to the meeting and vote. i'm in philadelphia half the time and the local naacp there was embattled for years. this stuff happens. i'm not making excuses. but it speaks to a bigger problem when you have these national organizations. >> true, but what does this say about the naacp over all? >> it basically says it just needs to take time and do a better job of making sure that whoever's representing the
7:09 am
organization, you know, and i don't just lay this at the feet of the local chapters. the national organization held their conference in detroit and had kill patrick leading some sort of funeral for the n word. allegedly, he had strippers at the mayor's house and then one of the strippers ended up dead. all this happened before he was speaking about the national conference of the naacp, so again, you can say these are anomalie anomalies, it's what happened in l.a. or georgia or houston, but there just seems to be a consistency here and partly explains why the organization has had a hard time raising funds and raising relevance in today's society. >> go ahead. >> also speaks to the black middle class. the naacp is a major institution for the black middle class and this speaks to every problem we see.
7:10 am
one, when donald sterling is being charged or you know, with housing discrimination, they're saying nothing at the local level. why? because poor black people are often an embarrassment, so they're not worried about them. oh, so now, you can't show them to the staples center, they're in an uproar. i think that's part of the problem. that's why the sterling thing went so long and it also speaks to -- where people who donate money get to have rule over everybody else. he donates some money, he's cool, we don't care about his past anymore. but it's not just the naacp and black people. this is organizations all around the world. it's also politics. >> you got that right. pretty much all the time. thanks to you both. still to come, almost two months after flight 370 vanished, still no sign of the plane. this morning, officials are
7:11 am
pushing back against critics fed up with the investigation. we'll talk about that, next. what can i do on a $7 a month android plan from tracfone? check the weather. borrow ted's wheelbarrow. post big tomato pics. buy a birdhouse for sparrows. download gardening apps. answer my wife's texts. search how to sculpt hedges into a t-rex. i can do all that with my android from tracfone for as low as $7 a month. [ male announcer ] unbeatable nationwide coverage, no contract. for a limited time, save $50 on the zte valet. now just 49.99. tracfone. do everything for less.
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7:14 am
this morning, a top official says he's willing to consider the plane went down in the bay of bengal, but warns it is unlikely. in the meantime, government officials are pushing back against critics who say yesterday's preliminary report on the missing jet doesn't go far enough.
7:15 am
will ripley has more. >> reporter: yeah, within the past few hour, we got some direct answers to questions about that controversial preliminary report that showed there was some valuable time lost due to confusion, misunderstanding, miscommunication right after the plane disappeared. >> we really have nothing to hide. >> new this morning, officials are dismissing claims by a private company of possible wreckage in the bay of bengal several thousand miles from the search zone. >> many have proven to be negative and this is similar to what they've done pfr. >> new of a meeting between china, ma laysh sha and austral. the next step, a daunting sea search. eight to 12 month, estimated $60
7:16 am
million and more assets joining the blue fin 21, which so far, has found no sign of the missing plane. air traffic control audio of those haunting final words from the cockpit just seconds before the plane's tracking devices were switched off. this new report detailing the hours of confusion that followed. 17 minutes before anyone noticed the plane disappeared from radar. another four hours of inaction in the control towers before search and rescue was activated. >> this is what i told, so that's up to the investigation team to study, to investigate. >> meantime, more heartbreak for the families of flight 370. during this meeting in beijing, learning assistant centers are closing in just a few days, forcing them to go home without any answers about the plane or the 239 people still missing eight weeks later.
7:17 am
still, so many unanswered questions. we are getting some answers, just a new press release explaining why they initially thought the plane was in cambodia when it was far away from there. they were using flight tracker kind of like what you'd use on your cell phone if you want to see where your loved ones plane is in the middle of their flight. it was showing an estimated position, not the actual position. >> you stay with us, actually, because i want to bring in our other guests an ooitd like to have you participate. former undersecretary of the tsa and cnn aviation analyst, welcome to you. >> good morning, carol. >> john, i want to start with you. in this preliminary report, there was so much confusion between air traffic controllers and this plane. the plane disappeared from radar for 17 minutes and it took them four hours to do anything about it. in your mind and i ask you this
7:18 am
because yesterday, we kind of explored this issue about whether this kind of thing happens internationally and is a contin continuing problem. so it in your mind? >> well, i think it is an international problem. you know, i wouldn't want to pinpoint any particular countries or areas, but i think it is one that has to be looked at, but you know, carol, we really need to look at something different here, also. you know, the tracking and the looking for the aircraft and all the families, taking care of them, that is underway. mistakes have been made. let's don't go back and argue about those mistakes. let's correct this so it doesn't happen again. let's get real time monitoring. since 2009, it was recommended. president obama mention eed it again. we need the airline industry around the world and the federal and state and local airports, everybody involved, do this real time monitoring and the
7:19 am
same time, do more things to safety on the cockpit. we can worry about all these things and another one will occur when we're not ready for it. we need to be active in that area as we move forward, quickly. >> i suspect this tragedy may push things along, we'll see. jeff, there was no information in this preliminary report about the plane's maintenance history, its engine performance data or any information on air traffic control staffing, o so why won't officials release that information? >> i think for the most part, what you want to see in a preliminary report is information that's true to the conduct of the investigation and really points to where investigators think the relative texts are. so probably, engine performance wasn't a b problem. maintenance wasn't a problem. it seems to have been a deliberate act. someone turned this plane, heading away from the course. one thing i might want to explain quickly, you talk about the plane disappearing from radar, planes disappear from
7:20 am
radar all the time. when they head out over open ocean as this plane did, so the fact that it wasn't appearing on primary or secondary radar might indicate why whoever did it chose to do so at this moment because an air traffic controller who sees this, well, who sees it disappear from the radar detection, wouldn't necessarily assume it's because the transponder was turned off. >> just so many unanswered questions and there will be this tri-lateral meeting set up. tell us about that. >> china, malaysia and australia, officials getting together in australia to talk about the next step. there's some thinking this underwater search could take up to a year and cost up to $60 million, but they're going to have to bring in private contractors with different technology to assist the blue fin 21. they're going to hammer out
7:21 am
those details and give us those details as they learn them, so we should get more information about how that's going to work on monday. >> will, john, jeff, thanks to all of you. still to come -- anytime. still to come, shocking video out of baltimore. have you seen this yet? i mean, it's incredible. we'll show you more after a break. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event
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but hurry! sleep train's interest free for 3 event, ends sunday. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ now some incredibly
7:25 am
disturbing video to show you. this is the landslide on a baltimore street that sent at least five cars plumeting into a ravine. take a look. >> oh, my god. >> that is crazy. that was a retaining wall. it collapsed after a retaining wall soaked the area. all of those cars were definitely damaged. 19 homes are now evacuated. people cannot return home for at least 40 days.
7:26 am
not only that, there is a csx rail line nearby and it shut down transportation, so that will really mess with the city's economy. andrew peterson is here to explain how it could happen. >> scary sight. we know they had a lot of rain. the average amount of rainfall they've seen for the month is all about 3 inches. they saw in the baltimore area 3 to 6 or 7 inches across the reason, so that's the starting point. that doesn't happen because of one day. when i say winter, we know it's spring, so long winter. doesn't seem like it's over with yet. about double the amount of snow. so think about all the freezing of the ground and the amount of rain, about 10 inches above avrnl, so that kind of gives you an idea of what's been going on in the region. a lot of us had a lot of winter, rain, snow, we don't have landslid landslides. so, you have to think about what kind of terrain they have. this region has been prone to
7:27 am
it. in the '80s, there was a previous incident on the other side of the school. a lot of residents were complaining. the city was coming out, just putting cement right over it and hiding what was going on underneath. how did it go from this to that? let's talk about what a sinkhole is. let's take a look and you're going to see, a lot of rain in the area. gets like these little fractures, kind of weakens, so eventually, you start to see that big sinkhole. that's one scenario. it could also be a landslide. they are different. landslide is different because you get the weight of the run off on the top. it gets so heavy and the slope is so steep, everything can kind of come down with gravity, so that's what they're going to have to do. those engineers are going to have to say, which one was it. they should have probably fixed it ahead of time. >> think the mayor of baltimore has some explaining today. walking back to that street
7:28 am
where i parked my car and finding that. can you imagine? >> not even remotely and i don't want to. >> i don't either. those poor people. thanks for the explanation. we appreciate it. still to come, sterling's alleged mistress claims she was employed by the billionaire team owner, recording conversations as his archivist. so, does he really have an expectation of privacy? did she do anything wrong? we'll talk about that next. but first, it only took one sbrer view for a cleveland man to become an internet sensation. you probably remember charles ramsey. today, he is still considered a hometown hero. since that ordeal, ramsey has landed speaking deals and even had a burger named in his honor, but fame came long after his own personal struggles and now, he's sharing his struggle in a new book called dead give away.
7:29 am
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7:33 am
the reports donald sterling has been battling prostate cancer has seemed to catch everyone off guard. resigned to playing a game seven in their playoff series against the warriors. minutes later, the team would hear news about their banned owner. rachel nichols has more. it hadn't been public that mr. sterling has cancer? >> he is 80 years old and he's gotten a more puffy appearance in the last year. there have been whispers he might not be well, so it isn't a shock, but it was quite disconcerting to hear right after a very emotional playoff game and they acted with surprise, but also with class. i want you to take a listen. >> it is true, you know, my
7:34 am
thoughts and prayers are with him, nobody deserves to go through something like that. >> that's a first i've ever heard of that and that's truly unfortunate. >> didn't know it until just now. you know, i don't have a reaction to that. i hope it's not true. >> this is a good window into what kind of people make up this team, carol. they're known as a particularly classy group inside that locker room and honest ly, it's part o why people around the nba felt so badly when this whole incident happened in the first place. in the wake of this newses, they've made it clear, they don't wish terrible things on sterling, they just don't want him owning their team. >> so, what's the latest on that? >> you know, people are gearing up for a possible fight. the nba owners advisory committee, ten of the owners, voted unanimously to move forward with the termination process. but interestingly, they didn't vote to notify him yet.
7:35 am
so, it's interesting. they're kind of in limbo here. what could he do to fight it? he might try to make some calls, sway some owners, but adam silver is making such a push. that is unlikely. you've got to think they are going to vote him out. however, in the court system, that's a whole different story. the system tends to protect sports leagues saying it's up to the league with their constitution. except dealing with their antitrust laws. he may try to file an antitrust case. if he does that, think about the depositions that are going to end up in this case. maybe his side starting to detail bad behavior of other owners making the comparison, saying gee, is what i did as bad as what they did? other owners don't want that. here's the other end. we know he and his wife are separated. if one of them files for divorce, under california law, the team is community property.
7:36 am
all of a sudden, the team is tied up in the california legal system and the family court system and the nba might not be able to force a sale while it is under the jurisdiction of the california courts. this could drag on and on and on and we have seen this with donald sterling before. delaying is one of his big tactics because he knows that it's going to cause the nba a whole mess of problems. >> reporting live for us this morning, thank you. not just sterling involved in this scandal. there's also his supposed girlfriend and employee, the woman who recorded that racially charged conversation. to talk about her role, i'm joined by sunny hostin and avery freeman. so, everybody's wondering, was it legal for her to record her boss boyfriend because we don't really know which one it is, without his consent because he
7:37 am
says he's not sure it's him on that tape, so it kind of sounds like he was denieded that she had the right to tape him. am i correct in that, avery? >> her lawyer says no, she had consent, which is dubious at best and frankly, if the case is going to be prosecuted, the only witness on consent is donald sterling. secondly, she's not going to testify because she has a potential of self incrimination, so at the end of the day, the only way you're going to find out, maybe picking up on rachel's package on this, maybe through civil litigation, but it's not going to be a criminal prosecution. >> the "l.a. times" is reporting that according to her attorney, quote, she gave copies of the now infamous recording of
7:38 am
sterling making insind yar racial comments to a handful of friends for safekeeping and she believes that one of them sold the tape. is that believable? >> oh, my, my. i don't know what is believable. i mean, at one point, she said she is his archivists, whatever that means, which means perhaps she had consent because she was archiving their conversations or his history. i don't think that we know what to believe at this point, but the bottom line is that he is going to claim of course that he did not consent to these tapes. she says he did. i agree with avery, this is going to be a civil matter. it's not the last we've heard about these tapes and whatever her name is, apparently she has several aliases. >> he does, too. >> i think it's an interesting turn of events. >> but avery, she insists she was a paid archivist and if she was and she was taping all of
7:39 am
these conversations for posterity and he hired her to do that and she can provide proof, then where's the wrong? >> yeah, right. she was hired based on her academic credentials, apparently. she's no more of an archivist than the man in the moon. there still needs to be consent and i suppose the argument as well, i guess i did because i was employed by him. she never was employed. all she got was range rovers, housing and about 140k in cash. that's a pretty well paid archivist. it suggests to me she wasn't. >> okay, your best guess, sunny. i'll let you have the final word because she's -- right? so, you would expect him to file some sort of suit against her because she's pretty much destroy destroyed him now, right? >> you have a suit shelley
7:40 am
sterling filed and i suspect he uses the law as sport. he uses suit as sport and so, he is going to sue her and she's not a noble character in this. let's face it. probably sleeping with a married man or perhaps sleeping with a married man, but i think she sort of did everyone a favor. racism is now exposed. she's effectively taken him down when others haven't been able to do this. >> true. >> he's had tons of tons of litigation detailing his apparent racist views and practices and housing and so, you know, perhaps she is somewhat of a hero. a shero in this. >> i'll leave it there. thanks so much. still to come, disturbing new details about a teenager who was planning to kill his family and his classmates in a massive shooting spree. up next, how investigators stopped him.
7:41 am
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on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection! don't miss the memorial day sale. ♪ mattress discounters disturbing details about a minnesota teenager who police say was plotting a killing spree. this young man, seen here playing his guitar at his music teacher's studio. he had a plan to kill his family before setting out to shoot students at a local high school. nick valencia has been following this story. >> a plot thwarted by a local resident. carol bat led people to the 17-year-old and inside his locker, bomb making materials, pressure cooker, steel ball
7:45 am
bearings, guns and ammunition. a local press conference outlined the plans. >> starting a diversionary fire and travel to the junior high school. once there, he intended to set off numerous bombs during the lunch hour. kill the school resource officer as he responded to help, set fires and shoot students and staff. >> this was a very real plot. police believe he had the resources to do it. their investigation began in late march when police began discovering devices that seemingly was his testing ground. you're looking at what his plans were. start a fire for first responders so they were distracted so he could continue his plot at this local school. >> 180 pages detailing this plan. >> and more chilling, he was
7:46 am
inspired by events at columbine high school, sandy hook and if his facebook page was an indicator, he was partial to the dark side. he liked heavy metal music. into gori movies and really listed a lot in there that could be an indicator to his dark side. you see him playing a guitar with a skull on the strap of that guitar. police have charged him with four counts of attempted first degree murder and counts of an explosive. >> thanks so much. still to come, amanda knox defending her innocence once again. that as an italian appeals court explains why it believes knox is guilty of murder. >> i -- i did not kill my friend. >> after a break, hear knox explain why the evidence and not the speculation proves her to be innocent.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
amanda knox says, i did not kill my friend. she spoke to chris cuomo for the first time since an italian court released an explanation in her conviction in the death of her roommate in 2007. this report says it believes meredith kercher was killed by
7:51 am
multiple attackers, including knox' boyfriend and the man on the left. but the report says it was knox herself who delivered the fatal wound in an argument over money. in this exclusive interview, knox says if she was at the scene of the crime, forensic evidence would have proved her guilt. >> i -- i did not kill my friend. i did not wield a knife. i had no reason to. my entire adult life has been weighed down and taken over by this tremendous mess. >> joining me now from new york is nina berly, an investigative journalist an author of fatal gifted beauty. good morning. thank you for being here. i know you've been following this case for several years. in watching this interview with
7:52 am
chris cuomo, some have said that amanda knox seemed coached. in your view, what was her demeanor like? >> well, you know, she's been in this case has gone on for seven years and surely, she doesn't say very much now without her lawyers having vetted it. i would imagine. especially on national television. so, i would expect her to have been coached. and i think you know, still, there's a you know, a sense that we're looking at somebody's demed demeanor here as opposed to the facts in the case and we should really be focusing on the facts as they were presented and as they were taken apart by the appeals court when this acquittal happened because i am not her lawyer. i'm not her advocate. i'm a journalist who spent a year over there writing a book about it. i interviewed everybody
7:53 am
involved, the prosecutor repeatedly. the facts, the evidence, does not add up. what they've done here with this latest case is they've just taken the material that was in the trial that was all dubious and that was debunked in the appeal and they stuck it right back up as though it's news and we're discussing it again and that's actually what they want to have happen, i guess, because -- >> let's pause there and address what you're saying because knox does address the judge's claim that an argument over must be and accusations that she stole from her roommate led to the murder, so listen to what knox says about that. >> absolutely not. he's getting this from rudy, who is coming up with these sorts of things for self-interest and the truth of the matter is one, i had no criminal record, so i am not the type of person who's going to violently kill someone for any reason and further more, i, i had saved up to go to
7:54 am
italy. i was not in need of stealing any money. unlike rudy, who was a known thief, who was a known burglar, who did this on a regular basis to survive. and why they would think that i was a thief when in meredith's own purse, there are rudy's fingerprints. it's based on nothing. >> the other thing that the court brought up was somehow the presence of a second knife that amanda knox somehow used to deliver that fatal blow, but they can't produce the knife and they're just, if they can't produce the knife, how do they know there was a second knife? >> these are things that i can't answer. there were so many mistakes made by the scientific police that were clarified and cleared up in the appeal. when they were acquitted and when they let her go home. you know, we're just going back over these things and you know, they've been proven wrong.
7:55 am
they've been debunked. looking at the case as a whole, what we have is a mountain town, a small town in italy where the prosecutor made a mistake. they were rushing to judgment. they grabbed these two students. then they figured out whose fingerprints and dna were all over the body and crime scene and that the guy had a motive and instead of saying, oops, we made a mistake, the whole international media was in there and this is a small town. they're not used to having cnn and abc and bbc in there. they couldn't turn the ship around. just like prosecutors around the united states, it's very difficult and it takes a very strong person, you know, very ethical people, to stop that and they didn't stop it and now, what's happening is you see the italian justice system circling the wagon and it's you know, it's shameful what they're doing, really. >> thanks so much for your insight. i appreciate it.
7:56 am
>> you're welcome. >> still to come, 50,000 gallons of oil still unaccounted for after a fiery train crash that sent cars fuel of crude into the river. did officials ignore warnings that something like this might happen? those little things still get you. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment is right. cialis is also the only daily ed tablet approved to treat symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any allergic reactions like rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use
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and a free 30-tablet trial.
7:58 am
working with the localities in the area along the river and haven't really seen any indication of drinking water affected. >> this still, there's the sheen on top of the water. that has the concern you. >> well, it is a concern. the sheen indicates that not all of the oil was captured. we're tracking that sheen along the river to see how far it goes, beginning to break up, but it's a short-term situation because the river the flowing fairly quickly and whatever is on the surface could disapate before too long. >> is there any way to figure out what happened to these tens of gallons of crude. >> well, the way we're working this is estimating how much was in the cars that fell into the river, how much it actually recovered and then sort of going
7:59 am
backwards from there as to how much was left in the river. we'll probably be able to get some idea of what that was. the latest amount is between 20 and 25,000. so we'll be working to see how much we can get. >> environmentalists have long warned against trains traveling through downtown lynchburg. were they ignored? >> i think they were taken seriously. the rules that we operate in virginia, we need to be prepared for any type of emergency situation and that's what this situation was. it was and is still an emergency and we were able to respond to it, keep the pollution to a minimum and hopefully avoid any
8:00 am
environmental. >> thanks so much for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. >> thanks. >> and thanks for joining me >> and thanks for joining me today. -- captions by vitac -- at this hour, big news about the economy. hiring goes way up and the unemployment rate goes down. way down. but was april really a good month for the economy as a whole? >> the clippers owner might have another battle on his hand that has nothing to do with the business. that ahead. >> and ukraine forces on the attack, but pro russian rebels hold fast and take down two helicopters. this hour, president obama in a key world leader weigh in on this mounting crisis.

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